Published - Northern Colorado Writers “Pooled Ink”

Sundays at Aunt Seri's

“Gobble! Gobble! Turkey gonna git ya!” I run from my brother and escape into the car beside our father. I slam the door and press the lock. I stick out my tongue; Johnny puts his thumb on his nose and waves his fingers. “Bye, Caboose,” he laughs, his face squashed against the window. He calls me “Caboose.” Sometimes, he calls me “The Accident.”...

Published - The Rambler Literary Magazine

The Shepherd

Nothing fun to do that July day. Nobody to play with. Mama hurried around the kitchen distracted by all she had to do. She was frying pork chops and slicing potatoes for the mid-day meal. She was always cooking. The scorched, salty smell of browning meat filled the already stifling kitchen.

Daddy was at work across the street at the shop. My brother Johnny was there too. Everybody was always working, working.

A Short Story

Alicia and the Spirit of Maria

Alicia settled into her work at No. 17 Wellbriar Circle in Singapore. Newly hired, she felt lucky to be a domestic in one of Singapore’s prized “black and whites.” The historic home, located near Scott Road, was in the final stages of a complete refurbishing. Her employers, Patricia and Howard Tremont, were patient and kind to her. As Alicia served after-dinner coffee, she overheard their conversations about the on-going renovation...

A Short Story

Saving Demarcus

An enormous belch shakes Minny Lethbender’s breasts. She rests against the counter and dabs her damp neck with a kitchen towel. Another belch, and she begins her inch-by-inch shuffle toward the Barcalounger. The chair awaits, so molded to her girth, it appears occupied even when empty.

Over the course of a minute, Minny crosses the eight ...

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