Hard Luck Georgia Girl

Follow the path of Ardith Evans, a young woman whose mantra is: “Hard luck, bad luck, or no luck at all—I’ll make my own good luck!” Katherine’s novel invites you to experience Ardith’s journey from an impoverished Southern Georgia mill town to big city Atlanta. Watch as Ardith seeks her fortune, meets daunting obstacles, and faces them head on.

" engaging, I didn’t leave the couch for two days and neglected to exercise!​

-Peg from Atlanta, GA

"...right out of the gate, Ardith was a character I was rooting for!"

- Nina from Berea, KY


Mowing for Justice

Maintenance workers Merle Hucken and his life-time buddy, Seth, have come across odd things in their work along highways, but the day they find a dead body is a real doozy. This is beyond hacking back kudzu, mowing highway shoulders, or keeping litter in check. When Seth is charged with murder, Merle vows to exonerate him and bring peace to their Southern town.

"...just when you think you know 'who did it', something else happens!

-Linda from Chapel Hill, NC

" the character development and the southern town charm!"

- Mary from Greensboro, NC

Coming Spring 2023

Wearing Red

A 1940's Childhood

woman wearing red top and black sunglasses at daytime
woman wearing red top and black sunglasses at daytime

The novella, Wearing Red, is Cecelia’s memoir of her 1940s childhood and her 1950s teen years. Her complicated family is a puzzle she works daily, and she yearns to be free of their constraints. Follow along with Cecelia as the family saga unfolds.

Preview the first chapter -

The Family Unusual

A Collection of Stories

The stories in The Family Unusual explore unique relationships in settings as diverse as an upscale Singapore home, a Las Vegas casino, a North Carolina prison, and a Georgia doublewide mobile home.

Watching and Waving

My crystal ball flashes bad’s to happen.

I’m to the ready, ever alert.

My magic wand blockades hate, pain, mistrust.

I control the world with my orb and wave:

Sick children healed,

Bombs stopped.

Evil people mend and change.

Ever diligent, I watch, then wave.

A world at peace—livable—paradise.


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